The Girls in Idaho


June 2003



Kathryn, Michelle, Jennifer and Christlyn in Idaho for

Grandma and Grandpa Roberts' 50th Anniversary


Melvin, Evelyn, Jennifer, Michelle, Christlyn, Kathryn, Royal and Anita Roberts



Jennifer checking-out Grandpa Helmle's computer set-up



Christlyn & Michelle want their turn at Grandpa's computer



Michelle, Kathryn, Christlyn & Jennifer relaxing with Grandma Helmle



Christlyn playing with Madison Helmbolt



Melvin and Uncle Clif holding their great granddaughters Christlyn and Madison



Evelyn, Christlyn & Michelle at the Swiss Village Cheese Factory



Jennifer gonna' eat the whole thing?






Looks like Michelle is going to get some help from Christlyn



And the winner is...  Christlyn!



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